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Zdravim, tady jedna mezinarodni soutez, treba se nekomu ty eurace budou
hodit, vyhrat podle me nic tezkeho s ceskymi projekty :)

Ellen Verbakel has started a discussion: Dutch Data Prize

"3TU.Datacentrum (datacentrum.3tu.nl) and DANS are organising the Dutch
Data Prize, a prize for researchers that gather and document data, and make
it accessible. There is a prize for the humanities and social sciences and
a prize for the exact and technical sciences. More and more researchers
recognise the importance of sharing research data. 3TU.Datacentrum and DANS
have the expertise and facilities to provide access to these very valuable
data. Proper data management enables the reuse of these data for new
research questions or for developing new applications. 3TU.Datacentrum and
DANS stimulate better use of research data by awarding the Dutch Data Price
2012 to an outstanding research group that has made the data accessible.
Nominations and prizes Candidates may be nominated until 1 July 2012 on the
basis of a special data set or their work in the area of data archiving in
general. Nominations can be made via the organisers’ websites. These sites
also list the criteria that the archived data must meet. A jury will select
a shortlist of three nominees for each prize in September, from which the
winners will be chosen in October. These will receive: a sculpture, €7,500
to make the dataset accessible/improve access to the data (for example, by
organising a symposium or making the data accessible online) and an
all-expenses paid dinner for the group of researchers involved in producing
the relevant data set and making it accessible. Questions? Would you like
to know more about the Dutch Data Prize? Please contact Heiko Tjalsma
(DANS) for questions about the humanities and social sciences prize and
Jeroen Rombouts (3TU.Datacentrum) for questions about the exact and
technical sciences prize."

Ales Pekarek
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