[okfn-it] CKAN wiki: open for translations

Stefano Costa stefano.costa a okfn.org
Lun 28 Mar 2011 16:11:36 UTC

Dear all,
I have set up a very simple system for managing multilingual content on
the CKAN wiki at http://wiki.ckan.net/ - this means we can manage
translations of the same page in several languages.

I re-used templates from mediawiki.org and wiki.osm.org and at the
moment there are still some rough edges, but the basic functionality is
there. Basically:



in the English page and

        {{Languages|Page name in English}}

in translated pages. Translated pages MUST be named

        "Page name in English"/xx

where xx is the language code (e.g. "fr" for French", "de" for German,
and "el" for Greek ‒ please take care not to mix language codes and
country codes).

See for example http://wiki.ckan.net/Creating_and_editing_Packages
(French translation is just a placeholder, pardon).

These instructions are available at
http://wiki.ckan.net/CKAN:Language_policy and from each language box by
following the "Language" link at the left.


Stefano Costa
Open Knowledge Foundation Italia http://it.okfn.org/
http://okfn.org/  http://www.opendefinition.org/ 
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