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Mer 1 Ago 2012 12:59:17 UTC

FYI - can anyone help out with localizing CKAN for v1.8?


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From: Luca De Santis <dex a lucadex.it>
Date: 1 August 2012 10:32
Subject: [ckan-dev] RFC for Italian Translation
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Hi all,
this message is for the Italian CKAN community only (or for anybody in
this list who is proficient in Italian...).

I'm trying to give a hand to localize CKAN version 1.8: I've spent a
couple of hours this morning and we are now at 95% (not as good as the
Brazilian/Portuguese friends who have reached 96%!!! :-) Kudos to
Nitai for this!).

I have a question on which some comments would be very useful.

What's in your opinion the best way to translate in Italian:

- Publisher (used in 14 entries)
- Editor (used in 2 entries)

This is more tricky than it seems, since the correct way to translate
"Publisher" would be "Editore", which, on the other hand, sounds too
similar to "Editor" (which should be translated as "Contributore").
Also these strings are new addition in 1.8 so there isn't any prior
choice to refer to.

Any idea?

My suggestions are a bit radical, that is:
- "Publisher" -> "Produttore" (Producer)
- "Editor" -> "Redattore" or "Contributore".
What do you think about it?

Also there are some concepts that can be easily translated, but are
open to several possibilities. Not having downloading and installed
1.8 yet, I'd rather not touch them for the moment, since it would be
better to see them "in action", in the correct CKAN context.

In details:
- featured fields/items
- followers
- application (is it software program - an App - or a request)?
- Apply (making a request or do something, like in "apply changes"?)
- Submission (application/request submission or dataset submission?)

Is there any Italian CKANer out there with a 1.8 installed that can
give a hand? If so, please join the Transifex IT team at


Luca De Santis
via Rosa Luxemburg 10/P
Loc. Orzignano
56017 S. Giuliano Terme (PI) - ITALY
tel.: +39 335 7376 153
email: dex a lucadex.it
skype: lucadex
web: http://www.lucadex.it

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