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Hello all,

I would like to thank Italy for welcoming the Open Knowledge Foundation and
the European Journalism Centre to run the second version of the School of
Data Journalism.

We had a couple of requests for the materials to be translated into Italian
- so just wanted to drop the list a line to see whether there were any
people who would be keen to make a team to translate them? More information

Please drop me a line if you have any questions at all :)


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Howdy: School of Data'ers

I promised you a bumper update from the School of Data Journalism in
Perugia, so here it is!

Note: We believe it is really important to bring these materials to people
in their own language and a few participants of the workshops have already
asked us to subtitle the workshop material into Italian. We need your help!

*## Videos, Materials and Slides now online *

Panel Discussions

   - Panel 1: The State of Data Journalism in
   - Panel 2: Data and Investigations: Collaborating Across
   - Panel 3: Data Journalism in Southern
   - Panel 4: Covering Emergencies in the Age of Big


   - Workshop 1: Excel for
   with Steve Doig
   - Workshop 2: Social network analysis for journalists using the Twitter
   - Workshop 3: Making visualisations – a survival
   - Workshop 4: Data visualisation, maps and timelines on a

*## Help us translate the materials into other languages *

We wanted to test the water to see whether there was demand to translate
these materials into other languages.

There is a great tool to allow community-based translations of video
materials - Amara.

Interested in helping us to translate? Read on:

   - Look at the spreadsheet here: http://bit.ly/YfcZhf - we've filled in
   the language column with Italian - but others are welcome to translate into
   other languages.
   - Pick the video you would like to start translating - click on the link
   to it in column c to go to the Amara column and click the link. Create an
   Amara account.
   - Coming back to the spreadsheet - Write your name and email address in
   the column you would like to volunteer for. You can either volunteer to: a)
   Do stage one - subtitle into English (you need to do this before you can
   translate into other languages to get the timing right.) b) Translate the
   English subtitles into another language.
   - Of course - you may volunteer to do all of the translation - but these
   are 90 mins long, so you may want to work as a team! If you don't want to
   do the whole video - write how much time (e.g. up to 45:00 of the video)
   you are volunteering for in column I- and then the next person can take the
   baton from there.

*Note: it is possible that the text on some of these presentations is too
small to read in the screen versions :( We'd recommend watching the
presentation through yourself first to decide whether the subtitles
(together with the tutorials) would give enough information be worth the
effort. Luckily - Workshop 3 uses large text - so that one is good and
clear! Perhaps start with that :) *

That's all for now, we'll resume the roundups as normal from next week!

Take care,


*Project Coordinator*
School of Data <http://schoolofdata.org/> and
OpenSpending <http://openspending.org/>
Projects of the Open Knowledge Foundation <http://okfn.org/>
Support our work <http://okfn.org/support/>.

*Project Coordinator*
School of Data <http://schoolofdata.org/> and
OpenSpending <http://openspending.org/>
Projects of the Open Knowledge Foundation <http://okfn.org/>
Support our work <http://okfn.org/support/>.
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