[okfn-za] Wide-scale, free, secure wifi all over Cape Town

Louisa Potter potter.louisa at gmail.com
Sat Jun 27 05:39:48 UTC 2015

Here's a thought experiment on wifi utopia in Cape Town:

*---> What would it take to make Cape Town absolutely leagues ahead in
terms of publicly available, fast, intelligently secure internet access?*
Putting the user first, for both access and privacy. A generous system, not
a compromise of adverts and tracking in exchange for connectivity.
Think big.
What do you think it would take to have the **ideal** public wifi here?
[If you'd like to reply more realistically (instead of "ideally"), that's
great, too.]

And here's some early feedback

[thank you, Adi]
"the first thing that comes to mind is
putting wifi access points on the taxi routes so that taxis have
uninterrupted free wifi on board. People have been talking for quite
some time about putting wifi IN taxis, but logistically this is
impossible. Putting hotspots en route is much more feasible. That
isn't a super creative idea though."

"Hotspots along the route would be interesting. I had in mind putting them
all over the city, and at tourist spots, the airport. So, for example, when
a visitor first arrives, they have automatic, easy communication. Along
transport arteries would be fantastic, too."

Louisa Potter
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