[okfn-za] Wide-scale, free, secure wifi all over Cape Town

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Re-imagining telephone booths is an idea that has taken off in a few cities.



In New York they had a public competition to see who could come up with the
most creative/useful re-use of telephone booths.

-Steve Song

On 27 June 2015 at 02:39, Louisa Potter <potter.louisa at gmail.com> wrote:

> Here's a thought experiment on wifi utopia in Cape Town:
> *---> What would it take to make Cape Town absolutely leagues ahead in
> terms of publicly available, fast, intelligently secure internet access?*
> Putting the user first, for both access and privacy. A generous system,
> not a compromise of adverts and tracking in exchange for connectivity.
> Think big.
> What do you think it would take to have the **ideal** public wifi here?
> [If you'd like to reply more realistically (instead of "ideally"), that's
> great, too.]
> And here's some early feedback
> [thank you, Adi]
> "the first thing that comes to mind is
> putting wifi access points on the taxi routes so that taxis have
> uninterrupted free wifi on board. People have been talking for quite
> some time about putting wifi IN taxis, but logistically this is
> impossible. Putting hotspots en route is much more feasible. That
> isn't a super creative idea though."
> "Hotspots along the route would be interesting. I had in mind putting them
> all over the city, and at tourist spots, the airport. So, for example, when
> a visitor first arrives, they have automatic, easy communication. Along
> transport arteries would be fantastic, too."
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