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Forwaring the event below, which may be interesting to our group as well.
Attendance is free: registration is possible through

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King’s College London, Guy’s Campus, Lecture Room 2. New Hunt’s House,
London SE1 1UL


10:00 Registration & coffee

10:30 Session 1: Walter Benjamin’s Work of Art in the Age of Technological

• Andrew Prescott (King’s College London): The Digital Aura
• Neil Cox & Dana MacFarlane (Edinburgh): Workshopping Benjamin and
12:30 Lunch

1:30  Session 2: The Age of Digital Reproduction

• Bronac Ferran (Royal College of Art): title tbc
• Elinor Carmi (Goldsmiths): Are you spam or not? The aura of authenticity
in social network sites (SNS)
 • Sarah Biggs (Courtauld Institute/British Library): Medieval Manuscripts
in the Digital Age
• Sara Choudhrey (Kent): Islamic Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction

3:30 Tea

4:00 Keynote:  Mark Leckey: UniAddDumThs

Mark is a British artist and curator who works with collage, music, and
film. His film Industrial Lights and Magic won the Turner Prize in 2008. He
recently curated the show The Universal Addressability of Dumb Things,
which explored the relationships between objects, digital avatars, and
people, a configuration that he describes as ‘technoanimism’.

5:00 Reception


Anyone interested in attending should register at:

To make the most of the day, please read the following essays in advance
(we’ll fix you up with the readings when you confirm your registration):

• Walter Benjamin, ‘The Work of Art in the Age of its Technological
Reproducibility’, in Walter Benjamin: Selected Writings, Vol. 3, 1935-1938,
ed. Howard Eiland and Michael W. Jennings (Harvard University Press, 2006),
pp. 101-133.
 • Martin Heidegger, ‘The Age of the World Picture,’ in The Question
Concerning Technology and Other Essays, trans. William Lovitt (Harper
Perennial, New York, 1977), pp. 115-154.

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