[open-literature] Open Shakespeariana

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Fri Jan 14 11:33:13 UTC 2011

Responding on-list :)

On 9 January 2011 13:21, James Harriman-Smith <jh570 at cam.ac.uk> wrote:
> Hi Rufus,
> I've just been doing a bit of work on Open Shakespeare: Hugh Richmond, the
> emeritus professor from Berkeley recently submitted a set of introductions
> for Henry VI, parts 1, 2, and 3, and they are now either online or scheduled
> to appear over the next week or so. His introduction to Henry VI, part 1
> should be part of the website now, but I can't get the website to
> incorporate it by using 'cron'. I think it's probably something to do with
> the name of the play not matching the name of the introduction...

Can you change the wordpress title so it matches for the time being?

> In other news, John Boe, a lecturer at UC Davis has given us an 80-page
> introduction to Macbeth, and I would like to rejig the website so as to


> create a kind of 'critical library' section, since his piece is rather too
> big for a 'short introduction'. I might also put my prize essay on
> Shakespeare in it. Of course, we should probably discuss this at a meeting

Just go ahead and do this in wordpress for the time being I think. All
wordpress pages that don't match an existing section (i.e. /work/,
/stats/, /search/) automatically get handled by wordpress.

My suggestion is to create a page located at e.g. /essays/ and then
located all essays under that (just choose parent page in wordpress
side menu)

> first: could we organise something for Sunday 23rd? At yours, if it's OK?

Hmmm, that Sunday might be problematic. What about this Sunday 16th?



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