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Wed Jul 6 13:22:38 UTC 2011

On 5 July 2011 16:47, James Harriman-Smith <open-shakespeare at okfn.org> wrote:
> Afternoon everyone,
> Thanks to all those who replied to my question about subjective
> annotations.
> I now have a new query, particularly aimed at @Iain Emsley. I am thinking
> about building an 'open literature' website, linking together Open
> Shakespeare, Open Milton and Open Correspondence; before I do so, I would
> like to know what form you think this should take?

I'm a big +1 here. You know we have openliterature.net registered and
this wiki is already booted:

<http://wiki.openliterature.net/> -- thought we could just stick with
http://wiki.okfn.org/Open_Literature for the time being.

> At the moment I imagine just links to each separate project, a short
> overview of open literature (i.e. how openness applies to literature and
> humanities), and maybe a dedicated blog collating news from all three
> efforts, as well as something surfacing recent annotations on Shaks/Milton
> and maybe the letters too: it certainly would be interesting to have people
> enrich dickens' letters with their own comments...

So I think we should definitely do this. We do want to think about how
this integrates going forward (e.g. do we merge
blog.openshakespeare.org into all of this or ...)


> Do let me know what you think, as indeed should anyone else interested on
> this list,
> James
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