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On 6 July 2011 14:16, Nick Stenning <nick at whiteink.com> wrote:

> On 3 Jul 2011, at 11:47, James Harriman-Smith <jh570 at cam.ac.uk> wrote:
> * Should there be subjective annotations on Open Shakespeare, of the type
> "I love this bit. One of the most human lines in the play" (on Hamlet's
> "Words, words, words")?
> Sorry to be replying so much later than everyone else, but I just wanted to
> say that this is a really interesting question, and one of the problems I
> think we wanted to be able to solve early on. I think the question is not so
> much "should we allow these kinds of annotations?" but "is there a way we
> can avoid confusion of 'academic', 'personal' and other types of
> annotations?". Or, to put it more generally, what tools can we provide that
> allow people to organise their annotations?

> In the short term, a suitable combination of tags and the filter plugin
> could help here. A better solution in the long run would be to extend the
> filtering and backend organisation to allow for "annotation lists", or
> "collections". I would envisage individual users creating Collections and
> picking and choosing annotations (theirs and others) to add to them.
> Does that sound like something that would help?
> Nick
Nick, that sounds amazing, and would certainly allow us to have our
(subjective) cake and eat it. One possible tweak would be to have 'personal'
/ 'academic' (or 'opinion' / 'factual') tags as pre-set options on the tool
(rather like the categories on wordpress) so that adding them becomes very
simple: currently, most users are not making use of the tag feature...

As for creating Collections, that would be a real advance, and would make
Open Shakespeare / anything else with the annotator into a much more
comprehensive environment.

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