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James Harriman-Smith james.harriman-smith at okfn.org
Fri Jul 15 14:54:00 UTC 2011

Dear All,

Another busy week:
- Annotation sprint on Open Shakespeare: now around 650 annotations on
Hamlet - thanks to all who took part! www.openshakespeare.org/work/hamlet -
blog post update coming next week.
- More new words: jump, kated, neapolitan (with urine forthcoming):
- New website layout: front page much neater now: www.openshakespeare.org
- New volunteers!
- Draft application for 'inventare il futuro' competition at the University
of Bologne, featuring Open Shakespeare as prototype for 'Open Reading'
idea: http://bit.ly/qrPb0r
- New essay on Shakespeare and the city: www.openshakespeare.org/essays

Things you can do:
- 1min: annotate Hamlet: www.openshakespeare.org/work/hamlet
- 2min follow @openshakespeare on twitter
- 5min clear a moment to join us for a **Skype Chat** at 5pm UST (6pm
British Summer Time) - just add james.harriman.smith letting me know who you
- 10min: what do you think the impact of copyright is on literature? reply
to this mail or add your thoughts to our openliterature wiki:

Have a good weekend everyone,

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