[open-literature] Text Camp

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Fri Jul 22 12:18:57 UTC 2011

Moving back on-list ...

On 22 July 2011 12:44, Ben O'Steen <bosteen at gmail.com> wrote:
> Sorry I've been so distant on this - textcamp.org is up for grabs, I
> can repoint it if you'd like.

That's great. I think we should definitely reuse the content and the
wonderful logo. In terms of domain I think we have 2/3 options:

1. Boot a new wp instance and use it for http://textcamp.org/
2. Use new http://wiki.openliterature.net/ (so locate at e.g.
3. Locate on http://openliterature.net/ e.g. at /textcamp

For 2+3 we could do a redirect from http://textcamp.org/ to those locations ...

My preference is for 2 or 3 as we have rather a proliferation of
domains and this way we already have the infrastructure in place. At
same time textcamp.org is the nicer domain ... What do people think?

> There is a mediawiki there, but it's elderly (in net terms) and
> running on a server which I am also using for a triplestore, redis, db
> and multiple apps...

I hear you. We can definitely relocate this or relocate content ...

> So, I'd like to help out if I can.

That would be great -- and can you come down to London for the event
on that Saturday?


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