[open-literature] Text Camp

James Harriman-Smith james.harriman-smith at okfn.org
Fri Jul 22 13:34:59 UTC 2011

Hi everyone,

> 1. Boot a new wp instance and use it for http://textcamp.org/
> 2. Use new http://wiki.openliterature.net/ (so locate at e.g.
> wiki.openliterature.net/TextCamp)
> 3. Locate on http://openliterature.net/ e.g. at /textcamp
> For 2+3 we could do a redirect from http://textcamp.org/ to those
locations ...

I have already started gathering the basic information about Text Camp
here: http://wiki.openliterature.net/Text_Camp_2011
For convenience's sake, and to get more people using
http://wiki.openliterature.net generally, I think we should stick with this
and redirect http://textcamp.org/

I'll start fleshing out the wiki at this address, then use the materials for
blog posts and for eventbrite.

Keep me posted,


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