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Hi all,

If any of you are still thinking about coming to OKFest, there is an option
to share accommodation... See below!

It's going to be a fantastic week, with an amazing science programme lined
up (everything from the European Commission to Figshare to the World Bank
to Wikimedia and beyond!). Do take a look at:


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Dear all,

are there people that did not book an accomodation yet for OKFestival?

We (Pieter Colpaert, Lieven Janssen, Nieke Jahja and Kat Borlongan) would
like to rent an appartment from sunday 16 till saturday 22 and we are
looking for 3 to 4 extra people to stay there and pay a part of the rent.

The appartment:

The price would be around €1.584 (+/- €250 p.p. if we can find enough

Would you be interested to join us and get to know likeminded people?
Please drop me an email asap.

Best Regards,

Lieven Janssen

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