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Victoria C Stodden vcs at stanford.edu
Tue Sep 4 18:47:03 UTC 2012

Dear folks,

I've been working in the reproducible research movement for quite a few years, building systems and legal standards to encourage scientists to openly release the data and code that underlies published results. I'm a founder of http://www.RunMyCode.org , which is designed to do just that.

We're looking for developers to join us in building out the site, creating "companion pages" for published research, and engaging in outreach to the scientific community. Our job announcement is here: http://www.stanford.edu/~vcs/HiringRMC.html and follows this email below.

I would really appreciate your help in getting the word out. Please forward widely and if you know anyone who might be interested (including yourself!) just let me know - jobs at stodden.net

many thanks,

Job Announcement: RunMyCode.org is seeking an Associate Research Scientist

Position Title: Associate Research Scientist

Position Description: The Department of Statistics in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of Columbia University in the City of New York invites applications for an Associate Research Scientist position. The appointment will be made through the Department of Statistics. We are seeking a researcher experienced in technical computing to expand the RunMyCode.org research sharing platform. RunMyCode.org is a novel cloud-based platform that enables scientists to openly share the code and data that underlies their research publications.

The research position will involve multidisciplinary collaborations with RunMyCode.org faculty members and academics from the fields of statistics, biostatistics, economics, and other areas of computational science. The candidate’s responsibilities include the creation of executable webpages associated with research publications, building new features on the RunMyCode.org website and backend, and conducting outreach to the scientific community. We expect there will be opportunities to contribute to or author research publications and academic presentations. The position will report to Victoria Stodden, Assistant Professor of Statistics at Columbia.

Two years or more experience in a strong research environment are sought, but experienced newly graduated researchers will be considered. Candidates with a demonstrated record of technical expertise, including knowledge of cloud computing environments such as EC2 and languages such as C++, are strongly preferred. Additional knowledge of scientific computing languages such as MATLAB, R, fortran, and python will also be preferred. A record of successful multidisciplinary collaboration will be a positive attribute in evaluation of candidates.

Remote candidates considered.

Position Start Date: Available immediately

Please send curriculum vitae and cover letter to jobsATstodden.net

Columbia University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.

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