[open-science] PLOS Tech meetup 6/6

Everton Zanella Alvarenga everton.alvarenga at okfn.org
Thu Jun 6 02:26:24 UTC 2013

Hi, Sheila.

What I know is that Alexandre Abdo, from Brazil, will make his presentation
via google hangout to talk about open science in Brazil. It will be a very
short talk, since in the next day we have an open science working we are
organizing here in São Paulo <http://www.cienciaaberta.net>.

Maybe you should try to talk directly to organizers and try to join via
google hangout or suggest other possibilities.


2013/6/5 sheila miguez <shekay at pobox.com>

> Hi all,
> I saw this <http://blogs.plos.org/tech/introducing-plos-tech/>, which
> is great, I added it to my news reader right away. I so wish I could
> go to the meetup mentioned!
> Is there any chance that someone could set up streaming? Carl (my
> spouse) has experimented with streaming twice at ps1 now, and the last
> meeting went fairly smoothly. Our friend Tim worked at PyCon US with
> Carl to stream the conference, and the software is open source,
> <http://code.timvideos.us/Home.html>. Tim has been working with people
> to get make it easier to set up. He's on freenode on #timvideos,
> though keeps a very different timezone to yours. We have a friend in
> Portland I could ping to see if he would help, and I can also see if
> Carl would too (we are only a couple of timezones off from you). If
> any of Tim's GSoC students are in the area, maybe they could help.
> --
> sheila
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