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Hi All

I thought some of you might be interested to contribute to this. In
particular you may want to let the team know how important you think the
following recommendations are!

Adopt an Open Source and Open Access policy, developing a set of indicators
to measure open access. Encourage resources sharing including access to
journals, methods, data, tools and equipment akin to open science.

Reform researcher evaluation and reputation systems, promoting a new
scientific culture by increasing the benefits for researchers and public
institutions of opening, sharing and co-creation. Define incentives for
interaction with citizens, such as recognition in appraisal and tenures.

You can also comment in depth on discussion points around the draft
proposal, several of which involve openness.

Link to survey and whitepaper: http://whitepaper.socientize.eu/


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Subject: White Paper on Citizen Science in Europe: Last week of online

[Apologies for cross-postings]

*White Paper on Citizen Science in Europe: Last week of online

Contribute now to the "White Paper on Citizen Science in Europe", it only
takes 2 minutes.
Rate the importance of first recommendations via the questionnaire, add
your own recommendation or take part in the discussion of open questions.

A broad feedback and participation from divers players in the Citizen
Science field will increase the relevance and importance of the document.

Link: http://whitepaper.socientize.eu/
Deadline: 4th of April 2014

The White Paper aims to give policy actors strategic advice on how to
foster civil engagement in science.

Do not hesitate to share this information with other stakeholders. Let's

Thank you again, the Socientize consortium

[Socientize <http://www.socientize.eu/> <http://www.socientize.eu/> is a
coordination and supporting action project funded by the European

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