[open-science] Where to publish?

Emanuil Tolev emanuil at cottagelabs.com
Wed Oct 15 17:10:57 UTC 2014

A cursory search for those terms in http://doaj.org might help, probably
more if narrowed down only to journals. There is also the ability to filter
out open journals by country, but that doesn't have to concern you at all.
I can't recommend OA journals from first-hand experience, sorry.

On 15 October 2014 17:51, Andrés Delgado <andres at delgado.ec> wrote:

> Hey,
> Hi everyone. I had a question. I work at my local ministry of science
> and we made a small survey to local free software enterpreneuers, then
> based on that I wrote an article. I was wondering where could I submit
> this articles so they are open to the public. I'm not sure if this
> qualifies for a peer-reviewed journal but I'm not sure it doesn't
> either. It's a small descriptive study but it's the first on its kind in
> Ecuador.
> The abstract goes as follows:
>   Abstract
> This research focuses on business models in the sector of free software
> in Ecuador and its local added value generation. This descriptive
> research used online surveys. The business models most commonly used are
> product specialist, software as a service (SaaS) and support providers.
> 80% of companies in the local FLOSS industry develop software.
>     Keywords
> Free software, business model, enterprenuership, open source, FLOSS
> If you could provide some orientation I will really appriaciate it.
> --
> Atentamente,
> Andrés Delgado
> http://andres.delgado.ec
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