[open-science] How do you evaluate Open Access Journals?

William Gunn william.gunn at gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 23:08:10 UTC 2015

Start with listing in DOAJ and then get a group of stakeholders including
currently active scientists in the field to go through and read a few
articles published in the journals. That should make it pretty clear,
because the bad actors don't publish mostly good stuff and some bad - it's
nearly all bad.

Some bad actors re-publish stuff that appears elsewhere, which is why you
should start with DOAJ and follow up with iThenticate or Crosscheck, but
really, it's pretty easy to tell the scammers from the real ones.

William Gunn
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On Sat, Feb 7, 2015 at 12:59 PM, Ivan Ferrero <ivan.ferrero1975 at gmail.com>

> Hi everybody I'm about to persuade the National Psychological Association
> (Ordine Nazionale degli Psicologi: don't know the right translation) to
> insert an Open Access Journals list on their sites.
> Then a question came out: How do we evaluate all these Open Access
> Journals?
> While the usual Academic Journals are reviewed, how can we say whether an
> Open Access journal is a good source or just trash?
> How can we say researchers don't pay to publish their works, and other
> stuff?
> Can we rely on the impact factor? How?
> The provisory list is HERE:
> http://bit.ly/openaccessjournals
> (I didn't created it, but I was unable to find the creator)
> And: what "APC" and "waivers" stand for?
> Thank you!
> Ivan
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