[open-science] Call for papers: Citizen Science and Citizen Labs

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Thu Aug 18 17:08:31 UTC 2016

CALL FOR PAPERS *Liinc em Revista*:  "Citizen Science and Citizen Labs"

*Liinc em Revista* is inviting submission of articles, subject to
double-blind evaluation, for publication in Vol. 13, n. 1 (May 2017). We
accept unpublished articles in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

This issue will present a dossier on "Citizen Science and Citizen Labs",
organized by Guest Editors Henrique Parra (Unifesp, São Paulo), Mariano
Fressoli (Cenit, Buenos Aires) and Antonio Lafuente (CSIC, Madri), within
the theme proposed below.

Social studies of science and technology have observed in the last few
years the emergence of multiple practices and alternative spaces of
knowledge production, redesigning identities and frontiers between
scientists and a concerned public, between the scientific laboratory and
the citizen laboratory.

Inspired by the more critical tendencies of collaborative science and
research “in the wild”, of open or citizen science, and by a tense dialogue
with the dynamics of biopolitical government and of commodification of
knowledge, there are new cognitive and political actors whose practices we
wish to investigate.

Contributions to this dossier may include topics such as:

·         Open science, citizen science and "common" science

·         Science and the production of the common

·         Communities of practice, epistemic communities, and

·         Citizen labs and political experimentation

·         Fablabs, hackerspaces, and the maker movement

·         Open science and grassroots innovation movements

·         Production of counter-hegemonic scientific knowledge and
technological appropriation

·         Protocols, infrastructures, technologies and modes of
organization for open and collaborative production of knowledge.

The dossier will also include a section for texts recounting innovative
experiences within these topics.

First authors of the articles should have doctoral or master degrees.  This
rule does not apply to accounts of experiences. Other guidelines for
authors can be found at:

Apart from the dossier, we also accept articles and reviews on other topics
within the range of interest of *Liinc em Revista*.


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