[open-science] Create a visual overview of any research topic based on 28+ million articles

Peter Kraker opendiscovery at gmx.at
Thu Nov 3 12:12:15 UTC 2016

Dear all,

today, I am very proud to announce a milestone for Open Knowledge Maps, 
the visual interface to the world's scientific knowledge. Thanks to an 
outstanding team and continued support by our partners and advisors, we 
have added two major content sources: the Directory of Open Access 
Journals (DOAJ) with more than 2.3 million articles and PubMed with more 
than 26.5 million articles. Taking into account a certain overlap 
between the two sources, we can now credibly state that one can create 
maps based on 28 million papers. That’s a content pool that is 175 times 
larger than in the previous iteration using PLOS (about 160,000 articles).

We have also completely overhauled our design & overall presentation and 
improved the user experience considerably. In addition, we have included 
the open annotation software Hypothes.is in our PDF preview.

We believe that this is a major step towards revolutionizing the way we 
discover research. There are many new things to try out and explore – we 
are looking forward to your feedback and suggestions!



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