[open-science] Open Source Malaria Paper 1

Douglas Carnall dougie.carnall at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 11:10:48 UTC 2016

Hi Mat,

Congratulations on the published article.

You ask:

    Any other/better possibles for archiving all the details of large lab
> notebooks, forever?

The UK data archive publishes guidance for the archiving of data here:

http://data-archive.ac.uk/media/2894/managingsharing.pdf (40pp, 3.3MB)

The essence of its advice is:

1) use file formats that are open standards
2) collect and publish metadata associated with the files.

I'm sure LabTrove's developers would welcome an approach from such a
significant project to discuss how data from LabTrove instances could be
suitably transformed for archiving, if indeed they have not addressed this


Regards to all,

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