[open-science] 28 classic and contemporary psychology findings replicated in more than 60 laboratories each across three dozen nations and territories

Rusty Speidel rusty at cos.io
Tue Nov 20 14:41:00 UTC 2018

A team of 186 researchers conducted replications of 28 classic and
contemporary findings in psychology.  Overall, 14 of the 28 findings failed
to replicate despite the massive sample size with more than 60 laboratories
contributing samples from all over the world to test each finding.  The
study examined the extent to which variability in replication success can
be attributed to the study sample. If a finding replicated, it replicated
in most samples with occasional variation in the magnitude of the
findings.  If a finding was not replicated, it failed to replicate with
little variation across samples and contexts. This evidence is inconsistent
with a popular explanation that failures to replicate in psychology are
likely due to changes in the sample between the original and replication
study.  Ongoing efforts to improve research rigor such as preregistration
and transparency standards may be the best opportunities to improve

Read the full overview here

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