[open-science] New release of COCI: 450M open citations available\

Silvio Peroni silvio.peroni at unibo.it
Tue Nov 27 09:25:03 UTC 2018

Hi Peter,

Thanks for writing, and sorry for the delay.

COCI contains only DOI-to-DOI links, and do not provide metadata of the citing and cited entities, thus I really don’t know if this is compliant with the strategy adopted in Wikifact-mine.

Of course, metadata of each citing and cited entity can be retrieved by means of the COCI REST API, which is using Crossref API, DataCite API, and Unpaywall API all combined together along with the data included in the COCI triplestore.

Maybe Daniel can have some additional comments on it.

Have a nice day :-)


> Il giorno 20 nov 2018, alle ore 21:55, Peter Murray-Rust <pm286 at cam.ac.uk> ha scritto:
>> On Tue, Nov 20, 2018 at 4:17 PM Silvio Peroni <silvio.peroni at unibo.it> wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> We at OpenCitations (http://opencitations.net) are proud to announce the new release of COCI, the OpenCitations Index of Crossref open DOI-to-DOI references, all released as CC0 material. 
> First , many thanks. I think it was about 10 yers ago when David Shotton presented Open Citations at JISC . David Flanders organised the meeting and I presented Open Bibliography (which came out of JISC funding to OKFN). Before that no citations and no bibliography were formally Open, so thanks to everyone who has contributed over the years.
>> COCI is our first OpenCitations Index of open citations, in which we have applied the concept of citations as first-class data entities to index the contents of one of the major databases of open scholarly citation information, namely Crossref, and to render and make available this information in machine-readable RDF.
>> The new release of COCI, the second, now contains 
>> 	449,840,503 citation links, between 
>> 	46,534,705 bibliographic resources.
> In ContentMine's Wikimedia-funded WikiFactMine, Daniel Mietchen, Tom Arrow put 15 million bibliographic records into Wikidata. Are yours in a form where they could be added? 
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