[open-science] eLife, Coko, Hindawi Limited and Digirati commit to Libero for open-source publishing

Ingo Keck ingokeck at ingokeck.de
Wed Nov 28 12:54:14 UTC 2018

On 22.11.2018, at 11:57, Emily Packer <e.packer at elifesciences.org> wrote:
> To answer your question, the code in the Libero repositories is in the early days of re-architecting the existing platform. Once the fundamental changes to the data models and APIs have been changed, we'll move over functionality where we can from the previous version. We expect a minimum viable product of the new evolution to be available in Q1 next year.

Dear Emily, 

Thanks for clarifying my questions. I am looking forward to checking out the MVP once it is available! I guess this is also of interest for others in this mailinglist, so a small ping here then would be kind.

> We’ll post information and updates to our usual mailing lists, but the best place to keep track is on the Slack channel.

I managed to sign up with the link, thanks. Personally I find mailing lists much more useable than Slack but YMMV.


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