[open-science] 7th MCAA Annual Meeting and Conference

Nihal Yağmur Aydın nyagmuraydin at gmail.com
Thu Jan 30 05:15:48 UTC 2020

Deadline is approaching for the registration of the 7th MCAA Annual Meeting
and Conference!




Parallel sessions such as," *#DemocracyAtRisk, how social media
challenges democratic process?"* could be of interest of the scientists who
work on the intersection between "NLP" and "social media".  Even though
many scientists insist on analysing "social media context", don't you think
that it violates human rights? People cannot be as they are, due to
pressure coming from such studies. Moreover, some personal studies of user
accounts might lead to wrong conclusions, as understanding someone is not
an easy process. For instance, there could be many factors leading someone
to share their ideas, which could not be detected automatically or by human
annotators. Subjectivity is a problem in such studies, even if it is done
by any professional in the field (social media experts, health
professionals, sociologists, psychologists etc.)

In that session, we can discuss more about these aspects..

Other sessions such as "*structural violence and harassment within
scientific environment"* and *"how artificial intelligence, robotics and
bionics influence accessibility and inclusion?"* could be interesting to
join. However, there exist many other sessions about "*at the interface of
AI, neuroscience and policy*", "*business venture*", "*PhD studies*" and so

This event is also beneficial for networking, as Marie Curie researchers
are in the best category in Europe and worldwide!

Best Regards,
Nihal Y. Aydın

Policy WG member
Marie Curie Alumni Association
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