[Open-transport] Announcing urbandatachallenge.org

Hannes Gassert hannes at opendata.ch
Wed Jan 16 22:29:49 UTC 2013

Transport hackers,

Yesterday we launched http://urbandatachallenge.org, a semi-competitive
open transport data hacking spree with data from San Francisco and the two
Swiss rivals Geneva and Zurich.
We'll have some cool datasets from all three cities, both real-time data
and longer term utilisation time series. And you can win a flight to (or
from) San Francisco, to the big show at GAFFTA.
There's going to be some events in each of the participating cities, so if
you're around please come say hi - or if you know people there: let them
know about this.

Kind regards etc,

Opendata.ch - Enabling Open Government Data in Switzerland
Hannes Gassert // Founding Board Member
+41 78 663 11 09 // hannes.gassert at opendata.ch
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