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Mon Jan 21 16:48:20 UTC 2013

We have updated our transport data (both alphnumeric data in XML-NEPTUNE 
and GTFS and geographical data, lines and stops) and I hope we have 
reached a better quality level.
There are some GTFS errors logged by transfeed validator but they are 
difficult to correct in the source database.
Hope you can make something usefull with it. 

Pascal Romain

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Having a special interest for France, i've seen that list before. Last
time i checked some feeds were expired or broken, but it seems to be
better now. I also did some tinkering with NEPTUNE building a parser
and a (failing) GTFS converter.
I was wondering how much timetables are digitally available, is each
CG obliged to maintain public transport dataset in CHOUETTE?

Kind regards,

Thomas Koch
On Thu, Jan 10, 2013 at 2:08 PM, "GENDRE Pat - CETE
Méditerr./DCEDI/DERIS/MIM" <Pat.Gendre at developpement-durable.gouv.fr>
> Hello everybody
> I am working for the French ministry of transport and recently 
subscribed to
> the Open Transport (when I learnt that OKFN opened an office in Paris).
> You mentioned that you intend to include French data in your
> http://opentripplanner.eu journey planner and that Rennes could be the 
> city with GTFS data available.
> It might be useful for you to know that we maintain a very crude list of
> open data PT networks in France here :
> http://www.chouette.mobi/spip.php?rubrique84
> The ministry also maintains open source software available at
> www.chouette.com and on github :
> - a web server for validating, editing and exchanging public transport 
> (called CHOUETTE) in conformance with the French standard profile 
> (similar to Transxchange) which can also make conversion to/from GTFS 
> work currently on Netex
> - a SIRI server (called IRYS)
> Also, we maintain a directory of travel information services which is 
> data and can be reused e.g. for info portals or and other applications.
> It is described here (in French) :

> We try on add open data sources here as well :

> For the moment the "production" version is still a more limited version
> http://www.passim.info but we intend to upgrade in 2013.
> If interested please contact me or ask the support at the 
> site. I travel to Paris from time to time and it will be a pleasure to 
> some of you at OKFN or elsewhere, if there is an opportunity to do so.
> Best regards,
> Patrick GENDRE
> Trafic & Information Multimodale
> Aix-en-Provence FR
> (+33) (0)4 4224 7687
> www.cete-mediterranee.fr/tt13/www
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