[Open-transport] Open Transport Data tools / webservices

Stefan Kaufmann transit at shutterworks.org
Tue Jul 16 08:35:30 UTC 2013

On 16.07.2013 07:42, Brian Ferris wrote:

> "some agencies are complaining that Google is not listening enough what
> agencies want/need"
> […] Replacing GTFS with something else
> might make some sense for agencies, but I'm not sure riders will
> necessarily be better off.

One problem my agency has right now is the question how to fit their 
fare system into GTFS. The service area is divided into cells, and due 
to special fares in between several cells the fare can currently only be 
calculated through an n×n matrix. So, yep, while the local system might 
be complex and sometimes a bit tedious, I have yet to find convincing 
arguments why the agency should adapt their fare rules to GTFS instead 
of the other way round, when their current standards fully support what 
they're doing.


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