[Open-transport] Examples of open data of freight transport?

Maurizio Napolitano maurizio.napolitano at okfn.org
Sat Jun 15 19:49:26 UTC 2013

Hi all
Tuesday I will be the Chamber of Deputies in Rome at the transport 
I was invited to explain the importance of open data in transport.
My intention, in addition to bringing a presentations on open data, is 
to deliver, to each member of the commission, the open data transport 
manifesto (as okfn Italy we made the italian version)
But I have a question to this mailing list: the main topic of the 
meeting is in cargo transportation (especially trucks and inland ports).
Someone can suggest me some tips on the topic.
I have some ideas, but i would like more present some best practices.
In Italy there aren't laws about interoperability and open data in the 
topic of intermodal freight transport
Thanks for any suggestions


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