[Open-transport] Examples of open data of freight transport?

Maurizio Napolitano napo at fbk.eu
Thu Jun 20 19:58:01 UTC 2013

I want thank all the people of this mailing list for the suggestions.
Due to a delay of a parliamentary debate, my speech has been reduced to 
15 minutes.
In any case i presented the Open Data Transport Manifesto and how he 
fits very well to the goals of the proposal law only if the document 
introduces better the concepts of open data ad interoperability.
I showed also the results of census.okfn.org and i asked to help to 
improve the opening of the data necessary for the transport (like zip 
codes or maps).
Some politicians were very impressive, happy for the manifesto, and with 
some questions.
I don't know if my suggestions can improve the process in this field, in 
any case the manifesto was very appreciated and i hope that this first 
step can "draw" a direction in the generic field of the open data 
Here you can find my slides here, but are in italian language.

On 17/06/2013 23:59, Peter Hicks wrote:
> The arguments of "aircraft send ADS-B transmissions with their position
> and details, why can't trains do the same?" and "freight is not a public
> service therefore information shouldn't be public" are two that I
> anticipate you will hear about :-)

You are a wizard
A politician did me just that question and I could use your suggested 
answer :)
Curious note: this politician was, however, convinced of the importance 
of open data in freight ... She only asked what was the obstacle :)

Thanks again to everybody

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