[Open-transport] Examples of open data of freight transport?

Peter Hicks peter.hicks at poggs.co.uk
Mon Jun 17 21:59:27 UTC 2013

On 15/06/13 20:49, Maurizio Napolitano wrote:
> I was invited to explain the importance of open data in transport.
> My intention, in addition to bringing a presentations on open data, is 
> to deliver, to each member of the commission, the open data transport 
> manifesto (as okfn Italy we made the italian version)
> But I have a question to this mailing list: the main topic of the 
> meeting is in cargo transportation (especially trucks and inland ports).
> Someone can suggest me some tips on the topic.
> I have some ideas, but i would like more present some best practices.
> In Italy there aren't laws about interoperability and open data in the 
> topic of intermodal freight transport
In Great Britain, we have timetables and real-time train running 
information for freight and passenger trains available to all - but for 
commercial reasons, the freight trains have some of their identifying 
numbers (e.g. operator, train number) removed to make them 'anonymous'.

I am told that freight companies don't want their information made 
public as it's commercially sensitive - but I've also heard that some 
freight companies are trying to use these Open Data feeds to write their 
own innovative train monitoring systems, but finding it difficult 
because their data is deliberately obfuscated.

The arguments of "aircraft send ADS-B transmissions with their position 
and details, why can't trains do the same?" and "freight is not a public 
service therefore information shouldn't be public" are two that I 
anticipate you will hear about :-)


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