[Open-transport] Semi-open (non free for commercial use) data

Stéphane Guidoin stephane at opennorth.ca
Fri May 2 20:52:48 UTC 2014


Recently I was discussing with some transportation organization here in
Canada that was weighting the option of semi-open data with a double
licence allow free access for non-commercial use and fee based for
commercial use.

The person I was discussing with said the some european organization are
using that model but was not able to point some concrete example.

So questions to the wisdom of the group:
- Does anybody have some example of two-tiers licences
- If yes, does anybody had a look to the boundary of "commercial" (e.g does
a web-app with some ads is commercial?).

To me the definition of "commercial" is not very well defined when it comes
to open data.

Good week end!

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