[Open-transport] Conferences on open transport?

Stefan Kaufmann transit at shutterworks.org
Sun Nov 1 18:20:07 UTC 2015

Am 2015-11-01 um 11:27 schrieb Pieter Colpaert:

> To my frustration, finding places to discuss things like public transit
> route planning is difficult:
>   * Or the conference is about applied mathematics and isn't interested
> in how the data is collected
>   * Or the conference is about "smart cities/mobility" and "ITS", and
> doesn't care about any real technological improvements as it's more
> about policy making
>   * Or the conference is about databases/Web and doesn't care about the
> exact problem within transit

I feel your pain. Open Data in general appears not to be a field in 
which one can easily publish without ticking either of your boxes.

What irks me most is #2: I am really fed up w/ conferences championing 
smart cities, smart lamp posts, smart townhall doorhandles and smart 
public outhouses, preferably sponsored by the big industry players that 
never seem to get the connection to the civic populace (let alone the 
utter lack of capability for anything but big-ass solutions that 
ultimately underdeliver and cost a fortune nonetheless).

> Nevertheless, I think this mailing list contains a good mix of industry,
> academics and transit agencies. Should we organise a conference
> ourselves? Or does someone have the perfect conference which we should
> all attend?

I'd absolutely *love* that! If we were to do this – what would be the 
core partners to identify and get on board?


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