[Open-transport] Conferences on open transport?

Pieter Colpaert pieter.colpaert at okfn.org
Mon Nov 2 11:59:12 UTC 2015

On 01-11-15 19:20, Stefan Kaufmann wrote:
> What irks me most is #2: I am really fed up w/ conferences championing 
> smart cities, smart lamp posts, smart townhall doorhandles and smart 
> public outhouses, preferably sponsored by the big industry players 
> that never seem to get the connection to the civic populace (let alone 
> the utter lack of capability for anything but big-ass solutions that 
> ultimately underdeliver and cost a fortune nonetheless).

+1000 :)
>> Nevertheless, I think this mailing list contains a good mix of industry,
>> academics and transit agencies. Should we organise a conference
>> ourselves? Or does someone have the perfect conference which we should
>> all attend?
> I'd absolutely *love* that! If we were to do this – what would be the 
> core partners to identify and get on board?

I would love to organise a conference focused on public transit route 
planning as well, and invite both academics, industry and facilitators. 
The industry, in this case not being transit companies, but creators of 
route planners such as GoAbout, Bing, Here, Mapzen, PlannerStack, 
MapBox, Ally, CityMapper, Hacon, Amadeus, TransitApp, Captain Train, 
Loco2, kisio (CanalTP), etc. and facilitators being for example, OpenOV, 
iRail, TrafficLab, European Passenger Federation, Open Knowledge, etc.

Maybe we should ask the companies listed above to see if they would like 
to sponsor such an event? We might be able to reach a small group 
(~100?) of specialised people? Maybe we could even co-locate it 
(satellite-event) with State of the Map 2016?

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