[openspending-dev] Returning additional measures in aggregate API

Anders Eriksen anders.grimsrud.eriksen at gmail.com
Sun Oct 7 15:56:40 UTC 2012


I am trying to add some additional fields/measuers to my data in order to
display more information in bubbletree tooltips (e.g. how has this amount
changed since last year etc).

I have added a column named "amount_last_year" and added a corresponding
measure for my dataset.

Loading of the dataset works fine, but when I access the data through the
aggregate API none of the additional measures are displayed, only the
amount measure.


On the About tab in the meta information on Open Spending, the
"amount_last_year" measure is listed.

Is there something special I would have to consider to get these additional
measures returned by the aggregate API?

Best regards,

Anders Eriksen
Newsroom developer
TV 2 Norway, News dept.
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