[openspending-dev] D3.js Sankey diagram for OpenSpending

José Félix Ontañón felixonta at gmail.com
Tue Aug 6 16:17:16 UTC 2013

Hi Openpending folks!

I was hacking for a while with D3.js visualizations for a small project[1]
about University's budgetary transparency[2] in Spain.

Anders Pedersen challenged me to built a D3.js Sankey diagram on the top of
OpenSpending API, and first steps, so far, an R script[3] that queries
OpenSpending API and produces a D3.js Sankey's json input file.

I'm documenting the details, in order to help people to reproduce it with
their own OpenSpending datasets. Next steps, replace the R-script with a
javascript glue-code: this way, changes on the data would be refreshed
on-the-fly at the D3.js diagrams. Any help here would be welcomed.

I'm my humble view, an out-of-the-box D3.js visualizations using
OpenSpending as a datawarehouse would be a fancy boost to the project. Am I


[1] http://openkratio.github.com/ugr-presupuestos/

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