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Alberto Rodriguez Peon alberto.rodriguez.peon at cern.ch
Mon Aug 19 12:07:32 UTC 2013

Yes, I will start implementing the public/private key version. I will do it as generic as possible so if in the future it needs to be changed (for example to OAuth), it won't be very painful.

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On mán 19.ágú 2013 10:07, Alberto Rodriguez Peon wrote:

Personally, I think the approach with the public/private key will be the easiest (and fastest) to implement. The main problem is that I have only three weeks and a half left in my internship (and plenty of work to do in the CERN side too!). I think that it is not enough time to implement OAuth.

That's fine. Would you want to implement the public/private key solution? I just thought it might be simpler to do the OAuth one since there are probably a lot of python modules we could tap into (and leave maintenance to those modules) -- no pressure to use it though (only a suggestion).


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