[openspending-dev] api key

fukami odn at foo.io
Mon Aug 19 16:28:09 UTC 2013


just a short note on that.

On 19.08.2013, at 14:07, Alberto Rodriguez Peon <alberto.rodriguez.peon at cern.ch> wrote:
> Yes, I will start implementing the public/private key version. I will do it as generic as possible so if in the future it needs to be changed (for example to OAuth), it won't be very painful.

Implementing homebrew public key crypto is actually rather difficult, and most developers don't even get symmetric key crypto right which is far less complex. I see this almost every day, even from experienced developers who should know better. Why not just use OAuth straight away? Not that I'm a very big fan of it, but it's better than building something from scratch and it's widely used.


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