[openspending-dev] Open Data Maker Night

Anders Pedersen anders.pedersen at okfn.org
Wed Aug 28 10:24:40 UTC 2013

Hi Olaf,

Great to hear that you will be working on the Portuguese transactional
spending data!

I am looping in the developer and data wrangling lists as others might be
interested in your Open Data Maker Night. I will be on IRC for the first
hour of the Maker Night, but hope that others on the list will be available
in case you guys need feedback.

Finally just adding a few guides that might be useful:
- The data load
- The full OpenSpending

Looking forward to hear more, and let us know if you need any help or get
stuck on the data.


On 28 August 2013 04:27, Olaf Veerman <olaf.veerman at flipside.org> wrote:

> Hey Anders,
> The Lisbon Open Data Maker Night is tomorrow and it's shaping up. We have
> around 12 sign-ups, which is not bad considering it's the first event and
> it's still summer.
> There are a couple of things on the 'suggestions' list, one of which is to
> upload transactional data for 2011 - 2013 to openspending. Will you be on
> IRC tomorrow afternoon (we start around 14:00 DC) in case there are
> questions?
> best,
> Olaf
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> Flipside
> www.flipside.org | +351 926 5264 65


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