[openspending-dev] SVG Icon Gallery for Where Does My Money Go sites

Yoshihide Jimbo yjimbo at gmail.com
Wed Jul 10 02:15:09 UTC 2013

Dear OpenSpending community,

The other day I launched an OpenSpending satellite site for my
hometown<http://suita.spending.jp>as an OKF
Japan project <http://spending.jp>. And when developing it, I found that
it's difficult to pick proper SVG icons because of the lack of preview

So I create an SVG icon gallery
site<http://jmblog.github.io/openspending-icons/> that
is able to view icons as a list, reverse them and change colors. I add some
icons used in other Japan  <http://spending.jp/#clones>WDMMG

Do you have any comment or feedback about it? The github repo is
Issues and pull requests are always welcome.

Yoshihide Jimbo
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