[openspending-dev] Update from Spending Party Japan

Anders Pedersen anders.pedersen at okfn.org
Tue Jul 23 14:08:23 UTC 2013

Hi all,

We are still gathering updates from the 20 city spending parties organised
across the OS community this weekend.

I however wanted to share some of the great work done by OKF Japan on the
developer side during the spending party. Congratulations to all the
contributors of OKJ Japan including Hagino3000, halsk, takoratta and jmblog!

We can now accommodate more that 100 entries on the OS city

A few issues got closed on the OS Satellite template as well:

I personally loved to see the comment module first developed at
OpenBudgetOakland make it on to the site for Koganei city:

Finally check the full update from Hal Seki below.


On 21 July 2013 17:02, Hal Seki <hal at georepublic.co.jp> wrote:

> Hello Anders,
> Sorry for this belated response. I was away from my computer after the
> event.
> First of all, Let me express my heartfelt appreciation to you.
> Let me share our quick result of the Spending Party in Japan.
> - Attendees: around 50 people
> - Venue: Yahoo Japan
>  - Cities:
>   15 cities have started implementation at the event.
>   10 cities have uploaded their data to OpenSpending
>   8 cities have launched their Where Does My Money Go? site.
> - Development:
>   Koganei city implemented comment feature. http://koganei.spending.jp/
>   Fixed some issues of Satellite Template.
>   Fixed some issues of TaxMan to cover the Japanese tax condition.
> - Data:
>   We found all of cities summary data and uploaded it to OpenSpending.
>   http://openspending.org/japan_lg_spending/<http://openspending.org/japan_lg_spending/views/Quan-Guo-Di-Fang-Zi-Zhi-Ti-treemap>
>   The data is not so detailed and classification is not citizen-friendly.
> But still useful.
> - Discussions:
>   We discussed data classification, user feedback system, data
> visualization.
> - Media
>   NHK reported our party on their website
>   http://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/20130720/t10013177541000.html
> - Photos:
>   You can find them from our Strorify. Feel free to pick
>   http://storify.com/halsk/spending-data-party-japan
> By the way, NHK broadcasted our site on their news corner though it's one
> day before the event.
> http://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/newsweb/
> Again, thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to spread
> OpenSpending movement in Japan.
> I was happy to hold such fantastic event here. And I hope I can contribute
> OpenSpending in future.
> Regards,
> --
> Hal Seki, Code for Japan/Georepublic Japan
> Skype: hal_sk


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