[kforge-dev] [Fwd: Re: enquiry about KForge codebase]

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftwarefoundation.org
Thu Jun 15 14:20:56 UTC 2006

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your question. Yes, KForge is designed to support the 
management of services created from thirdy-party software application. 
So adding other applications is easy. We just write a new plugin. We 
started with Subversion and Trac, and I think setting up web space is 
already supported with pages editable via DAV. However, we could 
usefully add both FTP and a few CMSs but they aren't done yet.

I'll try to get more information about when these plugins might be 
ready. We're due to have the next planning meeting next Friday. I cc-ed 
this to the kforge-dev list as others may wish to provide more 
information in the meantime. (I'm away for a week from today.)

With my best wishes,


Mike Hostetler wrote:

> Hi John-
> I haven't been able to touch KForge since I last emailed.  The server 
> that is being donated to host the QForge (Qcodo Forge) isn't ready yet. 
> However, I've run into an issue I would appreciate some insight into.  
> In putting up this QForge, we're looking for an easy way for project 
> admins to manage their own projects.  Automatic creation of a Trac 
> install is great, but we're going to need an FTP account and web space 
> set up as well.  Could this be easily integrated into KForge?  We're 
> planning on using Apache2, PHP5 and ProFTPd. 
> Thanks,
> Mike

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