[open-heritage] Open data from Culture Grid?

Nick Poole nick at collectionstrust.org.uk
Wed Jul 7 16:28:35 UTC 2010

Hi Jonathan, 

Many thanks for this. I'd love to think of CG as helping to open up peoples data (it is part of a strand of work for the Collections Trust called 'Open Culture' which says that people have a 'right to roam' over their culture in the same way that they do over their countryside). I have to be conscious of CG's limitations in the sense that it is essentially a metadata-based ad server which points people back to the source content - although more and more people are talking to us about lodging the primary material in the Grid repository. 

With my other hat on, though, I am chair of something called the Europeana Council of Content Providers and Aggregators and have been tasked with increasing the rate at which people sign up to allow their content to be aggregated and shared openly. Would you consider something of a 3-way between Culture Grid/OKF and Europeana?

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Would be *amazing* if CG were able to help encourage cultural heritage
institutions to open up their data. Wonder if there might be any
interest in a viral statement / set of principles on this that people
can sign -- emphasising benefits of opening up? E.g. that CG/OKF could

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On Sun, Jul 4, 2010 at 9:16 AM, Ian Ibbotson <ianibbo at gmail.com> wrote:
> Cheers for this Jonathan, interesting.
> think it's important to note - the data's not been scraped (At least
> not from what I can tell) it's just used in-situ via it's service.
> As I think I say in the text at http://ckan.net/package/culturegrid
> the problem with licensing is that CG is an aggregation of lots of
> other data sources, rather than being a content owner itself.
> Therefore, it's not possible to blanket license the data. However, CG
> should be in a position to (a) negotiate open licenses with providers
> and (b) since there is an automated submission process, gather
> record-level licensing in an automated manner.
> In terms of quantizing CG as downloadable files - I've just about got
> a tool that can be pointed at an OAI feed and used to create
> daily/weekly/monthly update files that can be downloaded. Clearly, we
> need to jump the license hurdle first. That said, I still think ckan
> support for streamed sources (OAI) is not great - and a conceptually
> difficult fit for the "Downloadable files" model.
> Apols for the delay on the blog post... Been a bit crazy up here...
> Still working on it when I get some spare time.
> Best,
> Ian.
> On 3 July 2010 20:38, Jonathan Gray <jonathan.gray at okfn.org> wrote:
>> This is interesting! Someone has scraped the UK's Culture Grid data:
>> http://www.usrlab.com/2010/06/culture-grid-and-open-data/
>> Also, Ian, Nick: any plans to make the data available under an open license?
>>  http://ckan.net/package/culturegrid
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