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Hi James,

Just on way out but this all sounds excellent. I like the logo - any one 

BTW, I tend to use #opencorrespondence on Twitter but I'll start adding 
the other tags in to any relevant tweets.

All best,

On 06/07/2011 12:47, James Harriman-Smith wrote:
> On 5 July 2011 18:04, print.crimes <print.crimes at yatterings.com 
> <mailto:print.crimes at yatterings.com>> wrote:
>     Hi James,
>     Hope that OKCon was good. Sorry couldn't make it but deadlines at
>     work, and some unexpected 'surprises', meant that I'd cancelled
>     all hopes of going this year.
> OKCon was fun. It's a pity that you could not make it: there was even 
> an 'Open Hardware' talk. Many of the conference proceedings are slowly 
> appearing on okcon.org/2011 <http://okcon.org/2011> now, though.
>     Having a shared blog would help give the community some cohesion
>     and a focal point for news and updates. It might be good to have
>     the Open Shakespeare trac (which I'm pretty sure now has
>     Correspondence and Milton tasks (I'm slightly behind schedule on
>     some of those then :-[ )) linked off to make it a more central
>     resource. I know that Shakespeare is the biggest project but
>     perhaps we could come up with a  more generic image or even logo
>     for the openliterature site?
> I'm currently working on a generic image (an early draft attached to 
> this email), and will try and turn it into a logo very soon.
> As for the trac, there are now wg.openliterature and 
> project.openshakespeare components; perhaps project.openmilton, 
> project.opencorresondence?
>     I don't know if you agree but perhaps each project could have a
>     page on the wiki as an overview / introduction as well as a piece
>     about literature and openness.
> The wiki is a good idea for now, and will probably act as a place to 
> draft ideas for the final texts on the open literature site. I'll post 
> a url when I have it.
>     We might also start linking to useful tools, like the annotater,
>     off a tools page on the wiki? Something that may be worth thinking
>     aloud about on the list would be what tools would be useful and
>     can we either find them under suitable licenses or think about
>     developing them or encouraging their being relicensed?
> Agreed. Will get on to this.

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