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*SciDataCon 2014: *
*International Conference on Data  Sharing and Integration for Global
Sustainability *

*New Delhi, 2-5 November 2014 *

*First Call for Abstracts and Sessions (Deadline: 30 April 2014) *

There are many pressing sustainability challenges facing today's society,
from food and water security

to poverty alleviation and climate change. Such challenges cannot be solved
without multidisciplinary

and transdisciplinary research, as well as the collection, sharing,
integration, use, and stewardship of

data across scientific disciplines and domains, and from international
sources. The effectiveness and

credibility not only of research but also proposed solutions will be highly
dependent on the availability

of well-documented, quality-assessed, and timely scientific datasets. To
facilitate the work of

international research undertakings (including the 'Future Earth' research
programme on global

sustainability to be launched by ICSU and its partners in 2014) and to
amplify the message of like-
minded global data initiatives promoting data sharing and interoperability
(including the Group on

Earth Observations and the recently established Research Data Alliance),
SciDataCon 2014 will

highlight the theme of Data Sharing and Integration for Global

*The SciDataCon 2014 Steering Committee* now invites proposals for
sessions, and abstracts for

oral presentations and posters, addressing the overarching conference theme
of 'Data Sharing

and Integration for Global Sustainability' and related themes such as those
indicated below.

1. Data sharing, integration, and interoperability to address research
challenges in global


2. Big Data science and technology:

3. Development and sustainability of data services:

* Data publication and citation

* Innovative approaches to data integration and interoperability

* Semantic data integration

* Interoperability standards and reference data

* Software architecture and systems

* Disciplinary and interdisciplinary case studies: environment, health,
social sciences,

humanities, biodiversity, climate change, materials, energy, disasters,

* Data-intensive scientific discovery

* Large-scale computing software and systems

* Presentation, analytics, learning, and knowledge discovery

* Data mining and visualisation

* High-impact applications

* Data systems and infrastructure sustainability

* Data curation and stewardship, and development of trusted repositories

* Solutions and tools for research data management and data security

* Rescue of scientific data at risk

* Capacity building and education in data science

* Private sector roles and public-private partnerships

4. Scientific data for decision making and policy:

5. International collaboration on research data:

* Assessment of the impact and economic and societal value of data

* Data quality, documentation, and credibility

* Data-driven models and data products for decision- and policy-makers

* Citizen science and crowdsourcing

* Sustainability indicators and metrics

* Open government

* Development of new observational and data networks

* Interoperability and integration of existing data networks

* Data policy and access, particularly in developing countries

* Open scientific research data frameworks, including legal issues

* Capacity building and advocacy

* Lessons learned from past or current international research and data

* New opportunities to support Future Earth and other international
research initiatives

*Submission Instructions*

Proposals should be submitted before 00:00 UTC on 1 May 2014.

Abstracts for oral presentations and posters

Proposed abstracts must be submitted online, and uploaded files must
conform to the format used in the

following MS Word template: [LINK to the File on the website]

** Abstract Submission [LINK]*

*Proposals for sessions*

Proposed sessions must also be submitted online, and envisage a panel
discussion, a workshop, or a series

of papers on a coherent theme. The proposal should include information
about the theme, format, and

speakers, in addition to including the status of speaker invitations and
their commitment.

* *Session Submission [LINK]*

*Abstracts publication*

All accepted abstracts will be published in the Conference Proceedings,
following the prescribed submission


Selected authors, who indicated their intention to submit full papers, will
be invited to publish a peer-
reviewed manuscript in a special issue of the CODATA Data Science Journal.

*About *

SciDataCon 2014 is jointly organized by the Committee on Data for Science
and Technology (CODATA) and

the World Data System (WDS) interdisciplinary committees of the
International Council for Science (ICSU),

in collaboration with the Indian National Science Academy (INSA).

*For enquiries: secretariat at scidatacon2014.org
<secretariat at scidatacon2014.org>  Conference Website:
www.SciDataCon2014.org <http://www.SciDataCon2014.org>*

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