[open-science] Transparency and Openness Promotion (TOP) Guidelines published

Sara Bowman sara at cos.io
Fri Jun 26 20:59:11 UTC 2015

Hi folks,

Excited to announce the publication of the Transparency and Openness
Promotion (TOP) guidelines in Science Magazine today:

The TOP Guidelines are the result of work by a diverse group of
researchers, journal editors, funders, and society leaders.  The purpose of
the TOP Guidelines is to provide templates of policies and procedures that
journals can adopt to encourage greater transparency and reproducibility of
research in the published record.  The Guidelines are modular and have
multiple levels so that journals can adopt part or all of the standards,
and can select a level of stringency that is most appropriate for them.
This simultaneously provides flexibility and offers the benefits of

So far, there are 110+ journals and 35+ organizations as signatories.
Signatories express support for the principles of transparency, openness
and reproducibility in science, and journal signatories have committed to
conducting a full review for potential adoption within the next year. The
full list of signatories and more information is available at


Sara Bowman, PhD
Project Manager
Center for Open Science <http://www.cos.io>

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