[Open-transport] API for Deutsche Bahn Fernverkehr schedules

Christian Helbling helbling at search.ch
Mon Feb 29 09:57:53 UTC 2016

On 28.02.2016 18:22, Pieter Colpaert wrote:
> [..]
> General idea for the open transport mailing list: should we create a list of things we expect from open transport publishers? E.g., we can all agree we want GTFS in the first place, in the second we want a good GTFS (with optional files such as shapes.txt included), then we also want a GTFS-RT. Anything else?

I would agree that we need the raw data first.
Whether we have that in GTFS or any other text-based format wouldn't matter much.

If it's easier for them to publish HAFAS raw format, they should.
It's main file is very good to read by both computer and human by the way.
I'm sure that after a few days we have written a GTFS converter.
It's not clear that they provide Google with GTFS.


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