[Open-transport] API for Deutsche Bahn Fernverkehr schedules

Pieter Colpaert pieter.colpaert at okfn.org
Mon Feb 29 10:09:03 UTC 2016


Op ma 29 feb. 2016 11:01 schreef Christian Helbling <helbling at search.ch>:

> On 28.02.2016 18:22, Pieter Colpaert wrote:
> > [..]
> > General idea for the open transport mailing list: should we create a
> list of things we expect from open transport publishers? E.g., we can all
> agree we want GTFS in the first place, in the second we want a good GTFS
> (with optional files such as shapes.txt included), then we also want a
> GTFS-RT. Anything else?
> I would agree that we need the raw data first.
> Whether we have that in GTFS or any other text-based format wouldn't
> matter much.
> If it's easier for them to publish HAFAS raw format, they should.
> It's main file is very good to read by both computer and human by the way.
> I'm sure that after a few days we have written a GTFS converter.
> It's not clear that they provide Google with GTFS.
> -Christian
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